13 November, 2014

Vilamoura unique restaurants

Vilamoura is located in the Algarve district, in Portugal, and represents one of the most luxurious touristic complexes in Europe. The city has a lot to offer to both its visitors and residents. An immense marina and pleasant weather 300 days of the year invites for a life style that is predominantly spent outdoors, with a large focus on authentic cuisine.


Oliveira Dourada: Number 1 in Vilamoura

Unique Restaurants in VilamouraAn extremely popular and well reviewed restaurant in Vilamoura, Oliveira Dourada is open until later hours. The menu has a variety of options including the possibility of having brunch, something not typical in the portuguese culture, but increasing in its acclaim and demand more and more.


II Trio: Vilamoura’s Italian corner

Unique Restaurants in VilamouraLocated on Rua do Clube Nautico in Vilamoura, it is one of the top choices if the apetite asks for an italian dish to flavour the night. The selection is extensive and the quality doesn’t disappoint, on the contrary, it feels like you have travelled to Naples for the day. Try it yourself.


News Café: Facing the marina of Vilamoura

Unique Restaurants in VilamouraOffering an emblematic view over the marina of Vilamoura, the News Café Restaurant – lounge bar is sophisticated and stands for the perfect place to eat and chill and then go for walk on the pier at the end of the day to enjoy the golden sunlight. It offers a cosy and modern atmosphere to visitors.


Thai: The exotic option in Vilamoura

Unique Restaurants in Vilamoura

If you are looking for a less traditional option in Vilamoura, the Thai restaurant offers and excellent choice of the best thai cuisine. It is situated right in the centre of Vilamoura and its authenticity allows for the clients close their eyes and feel like they have just travelled to that beautiful country.


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