22 October, 2014

Schengen visa: a guide to acquire yours


At Luxevile we can help you get your Schengen visa, guiding you through all the process for an efficient and fast result. We handle the entire process, informing and clarifying any questions that may arise.

Recent legislative changes are favorable for investors from foreign countries interested in obtaining a residence permit in Portugal. Designed to bring greater investment in the country, the new legislation provides faster and more efficient ways for investors to obtain a visa for temporary residence permit in Portugal without first obtaining a residence visa. This kind of Visa is called The Golden Visa, a special kind of the Schengen visa that offers you the possibility to get a visa residence in Portugal.

And plus, the investment in Portugal can be a good solution not only because it will help you have access to your Schengen visa but also because Portugal is an excellent country to invest: safety, great weather, good gastronomy, discretion, good prospects for growth and easy access to all other European countries makes Portugal the best place to be in Europe.


Schengen visa: a guide to acquire yours
In order to get the Golden Visa (or Schengen Visa), the investor must do one of the following investments:

1. The purchase of a property or properties of equal or greater value to 500,000€.

2. A capital investment in Portugal with a funds transfer value equal to or greater than 1,000,000€. With this option , the investor must submit a declaration of a Portuguese financial institution attesting that is the sole or first holder of capital or , in the case of investment made by a company, updated certificate of business registration stating the arrest of social participation , valued the amount of investment required for this purpose.

3. An investment that creates at least 10 new jobs in Portugal, and that must be registered for social security purposes.

With real estate services throughout Portugal mainland and islands, we provide a large portfolio of well located properties on the country, in places of great profitability. Contact us for more information and help on this process.