13 July, 2015

The most desired luxury yachts in the world


All yachting lovers know exactly how unique it is to feel the wind and contemplate the beauty while traveling by the sea. And while you go for a new adventure, you can also enjoy all the comfort and exclusivity that luxury yachts can offer you – a yacht like this can be your second home and offer you all the amenities a luxury home can offer, with the special mobility touch.

Find out the most desired luxury yachts in the world.


Serene The most desired luxury yachts in the world

Considered a super yacht, Serene is one of the biggest private luxury yachts in the world. Built by Fincantieri Yachts and designed by Espen Oeino, this yacht has a helicopter landing site, a submarine, an interior swimming pool with salted water and luxury interiors designed by Pascale Reymond. In 2014 Bill Gates started renting Serene for 5 million dollars a week.


Azzam The most desired luxury yachts in the world

With a customized interior and exterior style, this is one of the most innovative luxury yachts. With the ability to reach a high speed performance, it offers luxury amenities for all guests. It was also considered one of the most complex luxury yachts thanks to its high technology profile.


Eclipse The most desired luxury yachts in the world

This was once one of the most expensive luxury yachts and it is still one of the most desired. With German technology, it is now the second most expensive yacht in the world and it costs 340 million euros. This super yacht has two helicopter landing sites, two swimming pools, jacuzzis and a disco. And plus, it also has three boats and a mini submarine.


Ferretti Custom Line Navetta 33 Crescendo The most desired luxury yachts in the world

As a redesign from Custom Line Navetta 26, this luxury yacht is an upgrade from the previous model. It has a counter that can be suspended on the starboard side of the yacht, providing a breathtaking sea view, the “night area” is larger than the previous and it also has a customizable jacuzzi. The panoramic windows all over the yacht are simply mesmerizing sob e ready to have one of the most unique experiences.