Luxury travel in Douro: an exclusive guide

If you are seeking a unique experience, you must know that you will find it in Douro, one of the regions further North in Portugal. The city of Porto and its surroundings are places where there are plenty of charms […]

24 March, 2016

Luxury in Portugal: the most exclusive bars

At Luxevile we never get tired of saying that living in Portugal is a unique opportunity full of exclusive advantages. In addition to the ease in getting accommodation and / or stay, the cultural offer is diverse. Today we introduce […]

30 January, 2016

The best luxury hotels in Portugal for 2016

The new year has only just started and Portugal already has a number of worldwide recommendations, including the nomination as the 20th world’s country with more luxury hotels. With the statistics showing that this will also be a good year […]

15 January, 2016

Life in Portugal: the most exclusive benefits

“New Year. New life!” If you are planning to make a change on your life on 2016, then you should consider Portugal as a country where quality of life, peace and luxury can live side by side. The country is one […]

23 December, 2015

The best luxury hotels in Portugal to spend Christmas

Christmas is time to share and to live in peace and harmony. It is also the perfect time for sophistication. And that’s why today we selected some of the best luxury hotels for the most unique Christmas in Portugal. Find […]

19 December, 2015