14 March, 2015

Luxury reading: the best luxury goods magazines for you


If you are a luxury goods lover, this is the right article for you. Because the luxury world is much more than clothes, accessories and décor pieces, step into the best this lifestyle has to offer you. And who doesn’t love to read some good luxury goods magazine to get updates on the best the luxury world has to offer? Find out the best ones and join us on this unique journey.


Luxury goods magazines: Robb ReportThe best luxury goods magazines for you

With a long history on the US, Robb Report is the ultimate authority on the luxury world, showcasing the most prestigious luxury brands and luxury goods and the best insights on topics such as automobiles, yachts, real estate, travel, fashion, jewelry and many other lifestyle related topics.


Luxury goods magazines: ForbesThe best luxury goods magazines for you

More than luxury goods, Forbes Magazine is the key for the business world and is also the ultimate authority for senior business executives presenting reports, analysis and business tools in order to succeed. But as all businessman also need a good daily dose of lifestyle, Forbes has also the Forbes Life, one of the best places for you to get updated with the latest in luxury goods, fashion, travel, homes, art and dining.


Luxury goods magazines: Condé Nast TravellerThe best luxury goods magazines for you

More than a luxury goods magazine, Conde Nast Traveller is the place to be for all luxury travel lovers. Essential in every way, it includes details on where to go, where to stay and how to get the best luxury breaks around the globe. This is the ultimate magazine for all those who love luxury travels and for the most demanding travelers, with a fine selection of hotels, restaurants and destinations.


Luxury goods magazines: Yachting MagazineThe best luxury goods magazines for you

One of the finest luxury goods magazine, with a special dedication to cruising and adventure articles. Are you a yacht lover? If you are, Yachting is the magazine for you. The latest releases, the best boating destinations, all in one place with the finest quality you deserve.