27 October, 2014

Algarve and the unique gastronomy: a treasure to discover


Have you ever tasted the flavour of Algarve? On this piece of heaven on earth you can find the most exclusive gastronomy, carefully made by experts that will heighten your senses. There’s no surprise that Algarve gastronomy is one of the 5 Wonders of the region and is referred in many places as one of the reasons why you should visit this region – it was even pointed by Telegraph as one of the reasons why Algarve is one of the best places in the World to retire.

So, what makes Algarve gastronomy so unique?

Mostly the authenticity. No matter if you choose a more traditional or a contemporary restaurant, you’ll always feel authentic flavours that come from the freshness of its ingredients: as a region turned to the sea, Algarve is well known for its amazing fish and seafood that you can have in a short time after it comes out from the sea.

Algarve and the unique gastronomy

The fish soups, the octopus rice, whelks and beans, the fish and seafood stew will make the joy of the most gourmet people with a selective taste. But of course, there’s always a wide choice for all of those who prefers meat and here the pork is King although you must taste some specialties like the hare soup and braised partridge. Algarve and the unique gastronomy

The almond is also a must taste on this unique cuisine, solo or in sweets – Algarve is well known for the art of almond confectionery and you can find a wide range of almond sweets of all shapes all over the region. At the end try also the famous fig, one of the stars born and raised in this region: the sweetest you’ll ever find.

The most exquisite Mediterranean cuisine can be found in an elegantly relaxed region where you can truly enjoy every bite. The Algarve gourmet experience can only get better if framed by the most unique scenarios like the deep blue sea and the golden sand. Enjoy!

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