25 September, 2015

5 reasons why Portugal is the best place to retire


If you are looking for a place to retire, you should consider Portugal on you list. With more than 100,000 resident foreign retirees, specially on the sunny Algarve region, Portugal is considered by many the best place to retire not only in Europe but also worldwide. There are many reasons for this choice, find them out and enjoy the country!


1. An all year long Summer 1Portugal

Portugal is a small country and yet you may find so many different seasons! If you head South to Algarve region you can expect 3,300 hours of sunshine per year, which is something truly unique for anyone coming from other regions of Europe. You will find a stable weather, perfect for outdoor activities such as sports, walking or simply enjoy the view on the terrace. This is definitely something that defines quality of life when it comes to decide your best place to retire.


2. Beautiful landscapes 5 reasons why Portugal is the best place to retire

From North to South you can find many different landscapes as if you were in different countries. From the green North surrounded by mountains to the sunny Algarve where 100 miles of Atlantic coastline waits for you – you choose the best fit. Algarve region holds some of the most beautiful and award-winning beaches in Europe and also the most renowned golf courses worldwide. If you love the sea and golf, for sure Algarve region is the best place to retire.


3. A rich cultural environment 5 reasons why Portugal is the best place to retire

Portugal is not only about sunny weather and beautiful landscapes. With its medieval towns, fishing villages, historic buildings and strong connection to the past, Portugal is must go place for anyone looking for authenticity. And the main cities like Lisbon and Porto can truly show you how tradition and modernity can blend in such perfect way.


4. An authentic gastronomy 5 reasons why Portugal is the best place to retire

For anyone looking for quality of life, Portugal is the place to be. With a rich authentic gastronomy, in Portugal you will be able to taste the best cuisine and at the same time take care of your health and this is very important reason why Portugal is considered the best place to retire. Seafood and a varied Mediterranean gastronomy will enrich your days, after a calm day at the sea ora t golf course.


5. The most affordable country in Europe 5 reasons why Portugal is the best place to retire

Portugal is the most affordable option in Europe for retirees, it’s around three times cheaper to buy property in Portugal than in France. This means that in Portugal you can have a good quality of life, and be able to own better properties than in your hometown. On this area, Luxevile is proud to say that some of the most unique villas in the country and in Algarve region are part of Luxevile Properties Collection. From the Villa Sol Residence to Alto Golf Villa, Casa da OliveiraPine Cliffs Villa or Carvoeiro Property, you choose what best fits you. Contact us to find out more.