21 November, 2014

Villas in Portugal: 4 exclusive tips!

Perhaps you have spent a holiday in Portugal and would like to repeat it for longer? Are considering moving to this country so small yet so inviting? Good thinking! Living in Portugal is an excellent decision as it is a country with a lot to offer to both visitors and residents. For better orientation, here are 4 exclusive tips on living in Portugal, especially for you investors of villas in Portugal.

Villas in Portugal: Living in Portugal gives you peace of mind

Villas in Portugal: 4 exclusive tips for your dream investment!One of the greatest treasures that any country or residential are can have is undoubtedly its security. No one lives peacefully if limited by hostile environments, unable to let their children play on the streets and unable to walk alone at night. Living in Portugal is the right choice for security since the country comes seventh in the world’s ranking for safest countries to live in, according to the portuguese Minister of Internal Affairs. Why not then make investments in great deals for villas in Portugal?


Villas in Portugal: Where to invest?

03 Villas in Portugal 4 exclusivePortugal offers such a vast range of residential options that the hard part is choosing a location. Half the country is bathed by the Atlantic Ocean, allowing the possibility to live by the sea and watch truly magnificent sunsets everyday. If you prefer the mountains there are many parks and natural reserves where wildlife abounds, and some even quite close to urban locations, such as the Peneda Geres Park near the city of Braga, Sintra near Lisbon, and others. Concerning an urban setting both the capital as the 2nd largest city, Porto, are absolutely beautiful with their historic centres increasingly rehabilitated and an everyday pace that’s easy to digest. Apart from these, there are endless possibilities for villas in Portugal in very different regions of the country with distinct climates and gastronomy.


Villas in Portugal: great climate, 4 seasons!

Villas in Portugal: 4 exclusive tips for your dream investment!The country has moderate climate and 4 seasons since it’s positioned far from the equator. Days in Summer are long with light until very late hours and it is wonderful to drink a fine wine contemplating the sun going down, which always reflects in the ocean like a mirror. You can ski in Serra da Estrela in the Winter, swim in the sea or practice sea sports for many months of the year and enjoy the countryside during Spring and Autumn. Portugal has sun, wind, sea and soil. Investing in villas in Portugal is ideal as it is such a fertile country, one of the best for developing renewable energy projects.


Villas in Portugal: rich cultural life

Villas in Portugal: 4 exclusive tips for your dream investment!There is a vibrant nightlife scene and a great selection of Theatre, Film, Music, Arts and Festivals performances. There is also a strong sense of traditional and popular culture. The younger generations are helping to boost the country’s more quiet approach to life. But make no mistake, there is no shortage of fun in Portugal!