3 July, 2015

Luxury in Luanda: an exclusive guide


Considered one of the most expensive cities in the world, the capital of Angola grows every day. With worldwide investments, Luanda has become a luxury spot, representing the best that the country has to offer. From exclusive restaurants to renowned hotels, visit Luanda is an adventure that you can’t miss. Find out the most luxurious places to visit and let yourself go into this African journey.


Hotel Baía Luxury in Luanda: an exclusive guide

Attending to the customers needs, Hotel Baía is located in one of the youngest áreas in the city. With 140 rooms, it is well known for its Comfort, offering you a luxury break. Besides all the unique services, the hotel has also a SPA, Fitness center, restaurant with international delights and a Lounge Pool Bar with panoramic view over Luanda Bay.


Epic Sana Hotel Luxury in Luanda: an exclusive guide

With a prime location, in the heart of the city, this hotel offers you a unique experience fulfilled with comfort and luxury. Its four restaurants, bar, discotheque, Wellness Club & Spa, swimming pool (interior and exterior) promise you to live the best of the city.


Oon.dah Luxury in Luanda: an exclusive guide

Wth view over Luanda Bay, Oon.dah i sone of the most recent gourmet & design restaurant in the city. In the same level as many international renowned restaurants, Oon.dah is the elegance and sophistication itself.


Asia Lounge Luxury in Luanda: an exclusive guide

For your oriental delights, Asia Lounge offers you the best oriental cuisine. Well known for its high standard services, it has the mission to offer the best sushi to the most demanding clientes.


Chill Out Luxury in Luanda: an exclusive guide

Located in Ilha do Cabo, this restaurant is a luxury retro-chic lounge. With a unique sea view anda n outstanding decor, Chill Out promises you many great experiences for your stay in the city.


Sky Gallery luxury mall Luxury in Luanda: an exclusive guide

Opened in May 2015, Sky Gallery doors opened to everyone who love a luxury lifestyle. In here you can find for the first time in Angola brands such as Prada, Gucci, Zegna, Armani and Hugo Boss. The mall has four floors that connect three skyscrapers and 40 luxury stores.


Switch Supper Club Luxury in Luanda: an exclusive guide

Located in Epic Sana Hotel, this night club is one of the most desired in Luanda. Designed by architect Miguel Câncio Martins, its decor promises you the best environment for a unique and cozy night.


Doo.Bahr Luxury in Luanda: an exclusive guide

Considered one of the most beautiful destinations in Luanda nightlife, Doo.Bahr was designed by the renowned Julian Taylor Design Associates office. Located in the highest building of Luanda, Escom building, you must also visit the terrace that is simply breathtaking.