30 January, 2015

Luxury homes: 5 must-have for this season


Luxury homes are easy to recognize not only because of its architecture but also because of its interiors. The decor should always be carefully selected and, as it happens in fashion, there are must-have pieces and renowned brands that can’t miss the set for the perfect decor. Let’s find them so that your home can be even more special this season.


Luxury homes: TelevisionLuxury homes: 5 must-have for this season

Any family living room must have a good television and for that one of the best brands is Bang & Olufsen: with a wide offer of televisions, sound systems and other tech products, these are very important products on luxury homes nowadays.


Luxury homes: SofaLuxury homes: 5 must-have for this season

This is the center of every living room, but for luxury homes you just can’t select any sofa of any collection. You won’t find more beautiful or more exclusive sofas than the ones from Aston Martin, designed by Formitalia. The Minotti collection is also a must so you should have a look on all the news.


Luxury homes: LightingLuxury homes: 5 must-have for this season

Luxury homes are also known by the high quality interior and exterior lighting that can change completely a decor set. One of the must-have for this season are the Ralph Lauren Home table and floor lamps.


Luxury homes: ScentsLuxury homes: 5 must-have for this season

There is nothing more unique than to step into a home and feel the special scent on each room you enter. The luxury homes best friend BaoBad Collection offers you the best and most interesting scents for your home so that it can be even more special – have you seen the latest collection?


Luxury homes: TextilesLuxury homes: 5 must-have for this season

In the cold winter season, the quality textiles are a very important part of luxury homes, combined with the decor set. Minotti presents you a wide range of products on this area to make your home feel even more comfortable.