8 August, 2015

Luxury goods magazines to keep on vacation


When it comes to the luxury world and the lifestyle of the elite, there are only a few publications around that are worth of your reading time. These digital magazines will provide you with the best and most exclusive brands and goods together with the last trends in today´s industries.

From private hotel groups offering privileged packs and exclusive travel agencies offering top world-class routes to specialized food writers announcing the most fancy tastes or top rated photographers sharing the newest retreats around the globe.

We’ve tracked down the web and brought together a list of  the best luxury goods magazines to keep on vacation. So sit back and relax while you enjoy this inspirational reading list.


Robb Report, one of the leaders of the luxury goods magazines

A publication that has been around for three decades definitely assumes itself as one of the leaders of the luxury goods magazines, a kind of authority on connoisseurship for ultra-affluent consumers. It features products and services from the world’s top leading luxury brands, such as exquisite jewelry, private real estate and aircraft, state-of-the-art home electronics, luxury automobiles or yachts.


Upscale Living Magazine

Another unmissable publication know as the world’s luxury portal, offering a wealth of unequaled luxury. It features the very best in fine jewelry, fashion, home interiors, real estate, wine, spirits & cigars, culinary, luxury automobiles, hotel reviews, yachts and jets, travel and destinations.


How To Spend It

Recognized as an award-winning luxury goods magazines, it is distributed globally with the Financial Times of which as been part for more than 40 years. It has a distinct list of editors and contributing Editors who write about an array of luxury contents such as travel, house and garden, cars and boats, arts, jewelry, technology, sport and fine living.


A luxury Travel Blog 

Love to discover hidden places, exclusive hotels, unique landscapes, delicious restaurants to taste different flavors? A Luxury Travel Blog is one of the best luxury goods magazines on this area with unique tips for all exquisite travels. Take your time and enjoy these essential luxury resources and elements of a life well-lived. The ultimate Luxury goods magazines to keep on vacation.