7 February, 2015

Luxury escapes: the best cocktail bars in London


So you are a cocktail lover and are passionate about luxury escapes? If you are in London, we have some unique hidden gems for your evening guide: from exclusive distilleries to movie-like bars where bartenders are the true masters on the mixing technique. Put on your favorite outfit and join us on this exclusive journey!


Luxury escapes: SipsmithLuxury escapes: the best cocktail bars in London

For all gin lovers looking for unique luxury escapes in London, Sipsmith is a true masterpiece: it was the first cooper distillery to launch in London for 200 years, bringing back the gin distillation concept to London, where it was born. Take a tour on a Wednesday evening and be surprised by the tasting they offer.


Luxury escapes: The Savoy Beaufort BarLuxury escapes: the best cocktail bars in London

Head to London’s most famous hotel bar and feel the taste of elegance at The Savoy Beaufort Bar. With an extensive list of award-winning cocktails and bartenders, this is one of the most exclusive places you can go in London for the best luxury escapes. The Savoy named this place the “luxurious space for alchemy in its character cocktails” and they couldn’t name it better. Top Art Decor opulent interiors, high quality service and one of the most exclusive cocktails in town – what more can you ask for?


Luxury escapes: The Connaught BarLuxury escapes: the best cocktail bars in London

Step into Connaught Bar at the Connaught Hotel and taste some of the best cocktails in town. With a marvelous shinning-white-mirror decor, this is the place to be if you want the most relaxing luxury escapes. Ask for a Martini, a daiquiri or even a charlie chaplin and indulge yourself with the unique taste that only true masters can create.


Luxury escapes: Rivoli Bar at The RitzLuxury escapes: the best cocktail bars in London

Considered by many a gorgeous little jewel box, the Rivoli is an intimate cocktail bar where you can truly relax and step into another dimension. With an Art Deco interior that will take your breath away, this is the place to spend hours admiring the beautiful Lalique glass panels and patterned mirrors while enjoying one of the many premium cocktails crafted by the expert hands of the bartenders. What more can you ask for the perfect luxury escapes?


Luxury escapes: Dukes BarLuxury escapes: the best cocktail bars in London

No matter what you’re doing in London, Dukes Bar at the Dukes Hotel in Mayfair is a must-go place if you love a true Martini and personalized cocktails – Alessandro Palazzi expertise on the field is truly admirable so be ready to taste one of the best – if not the best – cocktails in your life. An intimate and exclusive place for your luxury escapes that also inspired Ian Fleming in one of his many visits to Dukes for the legendary ‘shaken, not stirred’ James Bond line.