23 December, 2015

Life in Portugal: the most exclusive benefits

“New Year. New life!” If you are planning to make a change on your life on 2016, then you should consider Portugal as a country where quality of life, peace and luxury can live side by side. The country is one of the most welcoming countries with the best benefits for anyone that aims to live abroad, no matter if you are moving for personal or professional reasons.


History & Culture

To live in Portugal means live inside history in every region. The country has a vast historic and cultural heritage through its many monuments and cultural events.



With a mediterranean weather, Portugal is one of the sunniest countries in Europe – in Algarve for exemple you can enjoy almost 300 days of sun. If you decide to live in the country you can expect pleasant temperatures all year long.


Cost of living

In Portugal you can have access to a luxury life for much more attractive prices than in other capitals. Living in the country is for sure the best option for anyone looking for incredible properties, luxury brands and exciting events.


Customized services

Luxevile Properties Collection has a wide range of unique properties for all tastes. Also, Luxevile offers unique services such as personal assistant, security, leisure, among others to help you move peacefully to your new residence.