27 June, 2015

Golf Breaks: peaceful Vale do Lobo

Algarve is known by many foreigners as one of Portugal’s top prime regions. Not only for its famous beaches, but also for an inviting weather most of the year, beautiful landscapes, excellent cuisine, friendly people and on the top of the list for some, the superb golf breaks one may enjoy whilst in the country. In the Algarve there are many Golf Courses to choose from although one that will certainly ring the bell within the golf players’ community is Vale do Lobo, which means Wolf’s Valley.


Vale do Lobo: place for golden Golf Breaks

Golf breaks in Algarve: the peace of Vale do Lobo

Nowadays, Vale do Lobo is renowned for being one of the most important luxury ventures in Europe and it’s the largest of the kind in Portugal. It was built in 1962 at a time when Algarve was in no way near to what it is today. Fishing and Agriculture activity were the main economy then and there were no plans for an airport construction. Vale do Lobo has gone a long way to become such a prestigious Golf Resort and is surely in people’s hearts for being within the list of the best golf breaks. The reasons are plenty. Families, celebrities, sportsmen, businessmen and tourists, they all have a special place in Vale do Lobo, where golf conditions are of the highest quality one can find.


Go for Golf Breaks by the sea

Golf breaks in Algarve: the peace of Vale do Lobo

Location says it all. Vale do Lobo comprises 2 Kilometres of pristine beaches, well preserved, tranquil, clean and facing the stunning yellowish cliffs. In addition, there are many water sports that can be combined with the golf activities. All this together with a selection of restaurants by the sea open all year round, result in Vale do Lobo being the best option for golf breaks that offer a feeling of being away from home.


Wellness during Golf Breaks

Golf breaks in Algarve: the peace of Vale do Lobo

If all mentioned above was not enough, Vale do Lobo has also the spectacular Royal Spa at your disposal, so that you can forget all about the world outside and succumb to the soothing powers of water, massage, essential oils, and more. If you need to recharge, lift up, clean mind and body all together, Royal Spa offers you the best treatments by highly skilled therapists. Who says golf breaks are all about golf?