29 October, 2015

4 steps to acquire a property for sale in Portugal

If you wish to live abroad and find a property for sale in Portugal, Luxevile Properties Collection offers you a wide range of luxury apartments and villas according to different styles. Besides this service, Luxevile also offers you a range of services to guide and assist you through your moving process and your stay in the country.


Step 1: Personal assistant

If you wish to acquire a property for sale in Portugal, the safest way is to get in touch with a real estate agent or a personal assistant with credentials in the country. Luxevile has a team of professional Personal Assistants who can provide you experienced advise, guiding you through all process.


Step 2: Golden Visa

To live in Portugal you need to get the visa that will allow you to be a legal residente in the country. At Luxevile you get an experienced team to help you through the acquisition of your Golden Visa by acquiring a property for sale in Portugal.


Step 3: Construction and Refurbishing

While you wait for your Golden Visa, you can take your time to solve all tasks related to your new life in the country. With your personal assistant’s support, you can customize and redesign your new luxury property according to your style.


Step 4: Maintenance and maximise your heritage

While you are away from the country, you can maximize your property and once again, Luxevile is here to help you. Luxevile offers you a complete solution to maintain and capitalize your property so that you can make the most of your Investment.